TOTEM project

For a second consecutive year, the nomass team is participating in the Visual Arts of Athens Digital Week.
This year though, the character synthesis team, and the event are bigger...

An even larger team of creative people that love Character Design will be meeting up and creating
the exhibition "Character Synthesis" with the theme “ΤΟΤΕΜ”. The exhibition will take place in Tehnopolis,
at the Fourni room.

This year, however, something will happen for the very first time! The project will be online!
The exhibition will be and continue to evolve into a creative social community site
“”, which will be active even after the end of the exhibition at Tehnopoli.
Great participation of well known designers from all over the world, including Greece, is expected.
With their own special way, they will creatively colour the room of Fourni in Tehnopolis.

Greek and foreign designers, graffiti artists, illustrators will be on sight via their characters
as well as in person at the Character Synthesis exhibition, whilst several events and happenings
will take place during these 5 days.

We are looking forward to discovering all that yourselves!